Pre-order Your Christmas

Pre-order Your Christmas

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samoosg Customer

The crackling skin really beckons (perfect for ASMR fans). Crunchy awesomeness. πŸ‘Β 

emceepaige Customer

LOVE THE CRACKLING SKIN of the SHIOK~bak! You can be your own Chef at home. It’s really easy to prepare!

msoinkee Customer

It’s easy and fuss free, not more than 25mins is all you need, you can have your sio bak whenever you crave for it .

Jing Fen Customer

Very delicious sio bak, better than some from the store you find outside. No porky smell and yet crispy skin with juicy meat. Ordering is easy too with patient customer service.

helloshaunsim Customer

Never thought that my favourite roasted pork could be so easily prepared at home. Now I can store these in my freezer and have them as and when I want it! Customer

This sio bak is, if not same then better than the traditional sio bak. The skin is so crispy but crumbles as soon as you bite them! It has the signature puffy bubbles all over.

silver_ang Customer

😍 Perfect for busy peeps!!! Best part? THE SKIN IS CRISPY AND THE MEAT IS JUICY ONE LEH!!! 😍😍😍 WAH LOVE!
P.S. Perfect for keto also!

leslie.koh Customer

OH GOLLY. Blown away how good it is. This easily makes the mark for the top 10 roast pork I’ve eaten and I’ve eaten A LOT of roast pork. Definitely worth a try!

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Direct To Masses is an innovative mod con food service that promises accessible products at affordable pricing. We believe that good food deserves good people.

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For Individuals

For Individuals

Packed in considerate servings for 1 to 2 pax, have it as the centerpiece of your dining experience. You just need 30 minutes to create a dish that would have taken hours!

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For Gatherings

For a potluck gathering or a family dinner, Direct To Masses gives you a mod con way to a great dish. Impress your family and friends with our restaurant-quality dishes!

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