Authentic Belgian Waffles

by Direct To Masses


Our Authentic Belgian Waffles are made by an experienced Belgian chef using the same recipe back at his shop in Brussels.

Belgian waffles are similar to classic waffles, except that they have deeper pockets for holding syrup and butter! Because of the major texture difference, you cannot use pancake batter to make these waffles. It goes with anything under the sun, be it fancy duck confit, simple maple syrup, your favourite ice cream or simply enjoyed on its own!

The Belgian Waffles have a 1 year shelf life and quick to prepare! How quick? Less than 5mins without the need of defrosting quick!

True to our DTM's spirit, you can serve up QUALITY Belgian Waffles under 5 mins anytime you want at the comfort of your own home! Be it Breakfast, Lunch OR Dinner!

Weight: Each waffle at 50g, contain 10 waffles.
Condition: Frozen.
Shelf life: 1 year.

$10 delivery fee for purchases below $100.
Free delivery for purchases $100 and above.