Premium Otah Waffle

by Direct To Masses

Singaporean love Otah Buns, and our on-going love affair with using traditional & modern methods has never stopped. We bring this two local favourites together from different countries and created Otah Belgian Waffles!

We created 2 versions of the Otah Belgian Waffles because we know you guys like options!

1. Premium Otah Waffles
The natural sweetness of the Mackerel shines through the creamy otah paste and once you start, you can’t stop!

2. Premium Thai Otah
Slightly more complex in flavours due to the addition of kaffir lime leaf, thai red chilli paste, laksa leaf and basil leaf, a must-try for thai food lovers!

At first bite, you will taste the aroma of the otah bursting through, then the savoury flavours of the otah. After that is the sweet aftertaste left behind by the Belgian Waffles.
The perfect quick fix snack for you in under 10mins! 

Weight: Each waffle approx. 80g, contain 4 waffles.
Condition: Frozen.
Shelf life: 1 year.

$10 delivery fee for purchases below $100.
Free delivery for purchases $100 and above.